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Founded by Media Group professionalswith over 20 years of experience, The HD Group was founded on the premise that excellence in HD Videos and excellent customer service should not be mutually exclusive. We believe that lifestyle support plays as important a role as our Media expertise.

About The HD Group: Unleashing Potentials

The HD Group is an international, independently contracted, full service strategic advisory and development firm established in 2012 that aligns with top producing ventures to ensure maximum growth, while also aligning with startups in various industries. These industries include franchising, healthcare, political campaigning, technology, finance, wellness, and athletics, just to name a few


The HD Group

Recognized with prestigious awards such as The Golden Midas Award, Entrepreneurs of the Year, and Brand of the Year.


  • Specializing in business development

  • Advisory services

  • Branding

  • Creating sales & marketing channels

  • Lead generation

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Development

  • Brand Recognition

We help companies reach their goals with aggressive marketing and branding expansion strategies that have been proven to work, across multiple industries, to promote their product, service, event, and/or cause.

Our clients experience successful business objectives and revenue goals with the development and execution of our proprietary strategies and marketing plans.


Dallas Baldri

Dallas brings a vast knowledge of sales, marketing, branding, strategy, and international expansion expertise.As a servant leader, he focuses on finding ways to help and encourage others to find freedom as a business owner and entrepreneur.

After law school and receiving his MBA, Dallas went on to having a successful career in Financial Services before founding a sales and marketing organization that has produced well over 9-figures in sales in over 42 countries. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been a featured keynote speaker to entrepreneurs all over the USA, Latin America, and Asia. Dallas has built sales organizations of 120k people internationally and with a combined following of 275k followers on social media, he is also a known authority in digital marketing and online business development.

Launching and developing businesses in medical, financial technology, franchising, wellness, and sports, Dallas's network has a massive global reach which has allowed him to be a go to source for startups, expansion efforts, and partnerships.

With a wide variety of business knowledge from Negotiations to Contracts, Legal to Marketing, Sales to Mentoring, Internet Marketing to Leadership, it is clear his overall business knowledge & expertise is impeccable.

His specialties include Business Development, Branding, Leadership, Mentoring, Internet Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Marketing, Negotiating, Contracts, Business Plans, Franchising, and International Expansion.

Eric Foster

As an award-winning global entrepreneur and us army veteran with nearly 30 years of experience in business management, team development, marketing, and mentoring, Eric has built a reputation for transforming small and large organizations into profitable ventures utilizing his strategic advisory skills.

Having conducted business in over 55+ countries spanning 6 continents, he’s helped The HD Group become recognized globally as a premier organization. He’s established partnerships across various industries, creating an immediate stream of revenue while successfully increasing the net worth of numerous businesses by 2-3 times within a span of 2-3 years.

He's an expert at planning and executing complex assignments with a unique ability to” see around corners” while planning four, five, and six phases ahead. During execution, he has a clear vision of the objective and employs excellent judgment when adjustments are needed.

With his expertise in strategy, marketing, and development, he has pioneered proprietary systems and apps that cater to diverse business needs while creating over 500 million leads worldwide. These qualities and results have made him one of the most sought out Business Strategist experts today with businesses who are looking to brand and grow.

Eric is passionate about helping clients thrive by leveraging innovation and strategies that drive revenue growth and customer loyalty. “Dollars Follow Value” is Eric’s motto as he continues to inspire, mentor and lead others in reaching their business goals.



Carlos Chu

Carlos is an accomplished entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in marketing, business development, and brand placement. He is renowned for his expertise in opening and expanding markets in Latin America, assisting companies in achieving significant growth and establishing a solid presence in the region. He has a deep understanding of the unique cultural and
business dynamics of Latin American markets, which he leverages to tailor strategies that resonate with local consumers and business landscapes.

He is an invaluable asset to companies aiming to scale their operations and build large, impactful brands with an approach combines innovative marketing techniques with strategic business development practices, ensuring that brand placements are not only visible but also meaningful to the target audience.

He has a keen ability to forge strong relationships with partners, understands consumer behavior, and adapts to rapidly changing market conditions. His work has consistently resulted in increased market share, brand recognition, and revenue growth for companies.


Lexus Dela Cruz

Lexus stands as an internationally recognized leader,
speaker, coach, trainer, and consultant, revered for his exceptional skill in enhancing company systems and developing innovative concepts to spur growth. With a strategic focus on launching new markets across the globe, he brings a special emphasis to Asia, where his efforts have significantly impacted various sectors.

His career is marked by a profound ability to blend
visionary leadership with practical execution strategies, making him a sought-after figure in the world of business development and organizational growth. Lexus's approach is holistic and comprehensive, covering everything from in-depth market analysis to the cultivation of local partnerships, ensuring that new market launches are not only successful but sustainable in the long term.

He works closely with companies to scrutinize and enhance their systems, driving efficiency and effectiveness at every level. His impact is measurable in the enhanced performance and growth trajectories of the organizations he works with.


Sara Grobler

Sara stands out as a results-oriented project manager,
celebrated for her unwavering dedication and exceptional ability to coordinate complex tasks with precision. Her reputation for creative problem-solving distinguishes her in the field, as she navigates challenges with innovative solutions that drive projects to successful completion. Her leadership skills are evident in her adeptness at applying project management best practices, guiding her teams through the intricacies of project execution with a clear vision and steady hand.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and brand
awareness, Sara brings a rich background that enhances her approach to project and program management. Her expertise in marketing infuses her projects with strategic insight, ensuring that every initiative not only meets its internal goals but also aligns with broader brand objectives, thereby amplifying impact and reach.

She has a deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of project management, complemented by her marketing acumen. This unique combination enables her to bridge the gap between operational excellence and strategic brand development, making her an invaluable leader in projects that demand both precision and creativity.


Travis Gabbidon

Travis embodies a diverse and accomplished career spanning sports, leadership, and business development. With a foundation as an International Professional Basketball Player and an NCAA Referee, his discipline and competitive spirit have propelled him into significant roles beyond the court. His transition from the hardwood to business saw him specialize in building large sales organizations, fostering key partnerships, and spearheading training and leadership initiatives.

He is President of the HD Athletic Advisory Council, where
he leverages his experience to guide aspiring athletes towards success,emphasizing the importance of education, discipline, and strategic planning.

Travis's multifaceted career reflects his ability to lead, inspire, and innovate across various sectors. His approach to business development, characterized by a focus on partnerships and leadership training, mirrors his athletic endeavors—driven, strategic, and always aiming for excellence. Whether on the court or in the boardroom, Travis remains a formidable figure, dedicated to fostering talent, promoting growth, and achieving outstanding results.



Carlos Chu

Entrepreneur with more than 8 years of experience in the area of marketing, business development, and brand placement. He has worked opening markets in Latin America with multi-million dollar companies building large sales organizations



Industry respected and known Leader, Speaker,Coach, Trainer, and Consultant. He has been in Sales & Marketing profession for almost 11 years, spending years in the field building large sales organizations and partnerships with over 6 years in Business Development.


Sara Grobler

Is a results-oriented project manager known for dedication and coordination of tasks, and creative problem solving. A strong project and program leader, adept in applying project management best practices to direct teams in the completion of projects. She also has 8 years’’ experience in the area of Marketing and Brand Awareness.


Travis Gabbidon

In industry respected and known Leader, Speaker, Coach,, Trainer and Consultant. He ha Sales & Marketing profession for almost 11 years, spending years in the field building large sales organizations and partnerships with over 6 years in Business Development. Founder and Consultant roles and manage Multi- million dollar companies and assist in their South East Asian expansion

The HD Group- Our Core Values

  We are our values. These values are the foundation for everything we do.

Our work purpose is clear and in it, we find great success.


Above all we value and care for the people we work with


At the root of all we do, we build trust and value others by showing respect.

Mutual Growth

There is excitement and liveliness in ever improving.


On a daily basis, we have the opportunity to create and lead the way.

The HD LifeStyle

We are always on the lookout for ambitious, self-motivated, entrepreneurial minded people. 


Those who are part of The HD Group Team will personally work with the

top leaders in the organization; be mentored by millionaires; have access to

our proprietary systems, and be included on our inner-circle Success Team.


Live Your Lifestyle in HIGH DEFINITION!

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